"It's blown my mind how fast it's grown. It's something I'm so passionate about."


Darreka Carney, better knows as Pebblez, is a 29 year old Nashville native. Pebblez has been a creative since a very young age. She successfully started and ran a customization business until 2017. She decided to go to barber school in February of 2017. She officially picked up her first pair of clippers in March of 2017 and the rest was history.

Pebblez graduated from Pearl-Cohn High School, attended Tennessee State University and graduated from Nashville Barber and Style in 2018.

During her time at Nashville Barber & Style, she met Abishai Collingsworth and Ryan Timmons.  The two were volunteering on Monday evenings to cut the homeless downtown with Caroline Linder the founder, to what would later become Nashville Street Barbers. Since its founding, Nashville Street Barbers Has Serviced Hundreds Of Homeless Clients And is A Registered 501c3. 


She finished Barber School in May of 2018 and became a licensed master barber in June of 2018. She Has since worked at Chop It Up, under the ownership of Belefonte Gregory. 


She is very passionate about the barbering industry and is well on her way to blazing a trail!

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